Astrology: The Tree of Life

Or as i might have alternatively named it… …’do we truly know God when we know Astrology’, but that’s a bit too ‘pretentious’ even for me.

So, here it is the 3rd post of the three that i promised you, continuing-on from the Apocalypse posts and Closing Ceremony post, [where i lump-it-all-in-with the 21 12 2012 date].

So, how do you explain [fully] what your thoughts are on the Tree of Life, [well you don’t], you just try to write-out what’s banging-about in your head and hope it reads o.k. and the reader gets ‘something’ from what you say.

Now, what is the tree of life? a ‘source’ of life giving properties, well yes, but it can also be seen as a representation of ‘new’ life, [eternally giving] especially as it is seen as continuing all year round, with the symbol of 12 fruits, [one for every month] being so close to what we recognise as a part of Astrology [these days], and its only right that i continue this ‘connection’ by putting the question, what is it that Astrology deals with? [only ‘life’ itself], so i for one need very little ‘convincing’ that there is a connection there, but i know that many of ‘you’ would want more ‘proof’, [indeed with some of you needing it spelt-out to give you ‘the’ full understanding of the connection], but i cannot do that for you, or even give you any definitive answer, [and i say] ‘be glad that i can’t’, as it doesn’t then [stop or hinder] you in getting your own ‘understanding’ on this matter.

So we are introduced to the Tree of life at the beginning of the Bible, and then at the end in ‘Revelation’. But first Adam and Eve were told not to eat from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil but they do, and their eyes are opened, [and presumably their minds too]. But then they get banished from Eden just-in-case they were to eat from the tree of life, because [we are told] if they were to do ‘that’ then presumably ‘now’ knowing good and bad they’d choose [for their own] good to eat from the tree of life [because they now have the knowledge of its good] that is that it would make them live forever, and that is God’s fear [we are told] so they leave.

So its easy to see that if the first humans [well, Adam and Eve anyway] had not eaten from the tree of good and bad knowledge, but had only eaten from the tree of life [it wouldn’t have mattered so much] to God, as the humans would continue to live in a certain ‘darkness’ to what being ‘alive’ means, which then would be ‘revealed’ to them [as and when] God wanted it to be.

So did the serpent do Eve and then Adam no favours by slyly getting them to see it ‘all’ at the very beginnings of creation, well maybe, but it certainly went against God’s original plan.

So ‘they’ became like Gods, and the Tree of Life would’ve given them on top of what they already knew [when looked at Astrologically], a [plan] of ‘life’ which meant more than just everlasting life, no [i think] its just as ‘valid’ to look at the tree of life as a ‘knowledge’ of how life was to ‘unfold’ for them, so its no great leap of imagination to know why God didn’t want this to happen, as humans may revolt against their lives, because of the good and bad in it.
But along comes Astrology and virtually does the same thing, only this time Man has to do the working-out all for himself, and it is rather hit and miss with no real ‘definite’s’.

Now if say Adam and Eve had played ‘ball’ with God mankind may’ve got to live a rather blissful ‘life’ [but perhaps still not quite knowing ‘why’ that was], and maybe all that we’ve been through as ‘mankind’s journey’ [since then] may not have been needed, [but it was], and now in today’s world we seem to be at that end ‘stage’ [which incorporates a ‘revealing’ time].

So moving-on, i ask you, what is being said when… … we are given the ‘picture’ of the ‘water of life’ which flows in-between the two tree’s of life.

And then what is the meaning of this rather strange sentence “every accursed thing shall disappear”. Well using an example from my life/blogs, if those spammer’s stopped sending my blog ‘spam’ then for me ‘the accursed things’ would disappear.

Then what of in the book of revelation when it says “Happy are those who wash their robes clean, for they will have the right to the tree of life and will enter the gates of the city”.

Well if this ‘were’ to have meaning astrologically then it’s those who approach Astrology with a clean [pure] heart and mind, [to use it that way] that would find they could read their [tree] the [whole ‘story’ of their life], by the simple ‘entry’ of the 12 gates [or zodiac signs].

But let’s get back to, what is ‘consciousness’? a flow of thoughts perhaps, or finding ‘somewhere’ for them to manifest inside yourself, [at the very least].

So could this River of Life be a ‘stream of thoughts’, with it [building-up] a storehouse of ‘thoughts’ ready to come-out into our consciousness at the anointed/appointed time. And are the fruits there ready to be ‘picked’ by us every month, or does the fruit simply drops-into our minds.

And could the two trees of life either ‘side’ of that river just be a mental picture of us finding the ‘conscious’ thought [from what we call our] conscious and unconscious/subconscious sides of life. So LIFE is like [12 fruits], and when the Sun is placed in each ‘one’ for a month it brings-forth 12 different varieties of life, [it seems all too simple doesn’t it].

Note: its funny but most people see Astrology as dealing with life here on earth but its just as important to think of ourselves as living on a world of sea and earth, and then thinking that it is as ‘nothing’ compared to the sky and air that we sit within, with our own back-yard of the planets and stars possibly having a lot more influence upon us then is truly recognised as of today.

So, in my mind, and only after a ‘scant’ reading of the Bible it is quite ‘obvious’ that it is laden with words that are easily identified as having an Astrological meaning, from those Astrologer’s [Magi] following the Star of Bethlehem all the way to the Tree whose [leaves] ‘are for the healing of nations’, meaning the [12 Zodiac signs] that we find in the Book of Revelation.

So, that about covers the whole ‘idea’ but i am going to provide you with a little more.

Warning: So lets get our knowledge out-there, knowing the exploiters will come-along, because our ‘good’ has to come first before the agents of ‘evil’ can mess with it. And that is partly ‘why’ you are getting all the good ‘stuff’ from me right now, and then just watch for the rot to come-in, because Astrology is no more ‘free’ from this type ‘behaviour’ [which pervades our World] than anything else is.

So are there ‘evil’ uses of Astrology? well if there are its never ever the knowledge of knowing what the possibilities [in life ‘for you’ are] when say two planets energies come together, [in aspect] and certainly not for turning them to your own advantage, and perhaps its not even the people who use it for their own-ends when falsely giving a service, [which isn’t really a ‘good enough’ Astrology] in order to gain themselves some ‘money’, [although that’s bad enough], no i think it has to be people who want to ‘use’ it to deny the easy flowing-of-it into our lives; but i say any ‘benefit’ in knowing the why’s and wherefore’s of God’s workings may give ‘them’ some earthly power, [and even power over other people’s lives], but God’s ‘outpouring’ as seen through Astrology must be seen as ‘eternal’, and that it will eventually ‘overcome’ any obstacles.

What i think i’m saying is this, its like ‘having the knowledge’, [which we share with our creator], and we have to choose carefully what we do with it, and we must always let ‘life’ flow and develop as it should, ‘mostly’ without our influence and interference. And i suppose what i am ‘saying’ is [be satisfied with what life provides you] and then leave it behind, but certainly do not abuse it.

Note: One of the reasons why i do Astrology is simply this, with so much stacked against you in life, why not do something that is truly liberating and connects with the ‘self’ in-a-way which few if ‘any’ can compare to, as Astrology can be a sense-of-life when it is in its freest and purest form, and at it’s simplest its an outer ‘something’ to help express the inner us.

But i say we must re-connect fully to our starry backyard once again, because in 2012 we should be thinking more in ‘terms’ of beyond the earth, [even if daily our ‘eyes’ are only focused one-way, but if you want to stay with ‘clouded’ eyes, and only ever want to see what is our ‘lives’ through all our histories] then that’s fair enough, but i say today ‘what many people are thinking’, WHAT OF ALL OUR FUTURE’S.

Well here’s a taster of mine, this blog has become like a book of life to me with me picking from the tree of life, and sure i may’ve chose astrology to explain ‘life’, but in a way Astrology chose me [more than 30 years ago], and this/my ‘book’, [all i have written up to this point has been a journey from [my ‘not so low’ senses to a kind of super-consciousness], and i have opened-my-mind through this ‘work’, [in the only way i could]. So ‘believe me’ my stream of consciousness will always have an Astrological flavour, and its had its say in the last 1260 days, [is that significant?], and it has been the best medicine [i ever could’ve had] for bringing me out of myself. Now i don’t want a stilted future, and i certainly don’t want to live in ‘silence’ but there’s a right time and place for everything, but i am pretty aware that [we are often only as free as we feel within in the confines of our prison walls], anyhow i want to share this with you, and its about the men who landed on the Moon, [or did they], and the people who believe it never happened, [was a conspiracy] ‘quoted’ a man who said “if you’re going to keep a lie as big as that covered-up then you are going to have to silence a lot of people”, [how true], but how many of us ‘willingly’ help construct our own prison walls? [and its not a hard thing to do ‘either’ when we consider that a great percentage of what we are ‘given’ comes from sources which fundamentally disagree with what we sense is ‘really is the case’, and you would be a fool to dismiss all the other stuff which fights against ‘that’ which is also going-on inside the minds of us all], still i feel like i’ve ‘blown the doors off’, and i’m not meant to do much else, and that my future now lies….

Final Note: this post may seem hard to understand but essentially my ‘point’ is this, we have what i think is a very strong ‘clue’ that Astrology is the way to go, and i ‘believe’ that is ‘said’ very strongly with the mention of the tree of life in the Bible, but you may well disagree, and if i hadn’t wrote this myself and was just reading it i would be a little sceptical. But i certainly think Astrology is to be our ‘future’ again, and these posts which i’ve done have hopefully revealed that it can be taken on much further than is widely accepted and practiced in 2012.

And after all [and when it comes down to it] what is there to lose, and who knows you could end-up ‘saying’ i am now a little closer to the ‘meaning’ of those oft quoted words KNOW THYSELF.


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