Astrology: Forecasting 2012; October

Warning: there is a lot of ‘explaining of myself’ before we get to the forecasting, so you may wish to skip around 800 words, you’ll find it ‘at the end’.

I could’ve called this ‘the post that never was’, as i’m not going to do an October forecast, and neither am i going to do a November or December one.

I know it was my intention to do ‘one’ for every Month ‘this year’, but i’ve ran-out of ‘inspiration’, and repeating what i’ve done, [although well received by you] doesn’t appeal-to-me very much right now.

I suppose when thinking about [why not] it comes-down-to ‘not having’ reached the ‘ideal’ forecast, [which is to ‘predict’ exactly what will happen on any one-day], and then to see it come true, but [i ask you] is ‘that’ even possible? its very doubtful, [if not impossible i’d say], still, even knowing ‘this’, i know it is [what] we are all subconsciously ‘striving’ for, and anything ‘else’ that we produce is simply not trying hard enough, but probably ‘still’ the best we can do.

And that is why i’m here explaining, and trying hard to avoid giving you a half-hearted forecast, which October’s may of been if i’d gone ahead.

But why ‘duck-out’ and ‘away’ from this? and why not be ‘satisfied’ with any successes i have had previously, after-all ‘prediction’ of ‘actual events’ on another-day in the future is ‘bloody’ marvellous if you can do it, especially with the millions of ‘variations’ that are possible in people’s lives.

So why then ‘not’ simply accept what we ‘can’ do, and ‘strive’ like anyone else [in any career] to be the ‘best’ we can be, with all the benefits and advantages it brings to us and stop flapping-about and do what we’re able to do, and leave-it-at-that.

Note: the paragraph above is ‘aimed’ primarily at me.

Because what is better than being openly ‘adored’, [for want of a better word] by people who enjoyed your ‘work’/’output’, especially when some people would give a ‘lot’ to write ‘columns’ like i have, and certainly wouldn’t agonise over whether they could produce better work, and certainly wouldn’t ‘scrap-it’ because they couldn’t do just that, but that’s me all over.

And whether the information is ‘given’ freely or paid for, aren’t we showing-off just a ‘little’ from what we have ‘learnt’ [and how we can apply it], when [in truth] ‘we’ may only get a small percentage of any forecast ‘close’ to people’s realities for any ‘one’ day.

But in-a-way ‘how’ will our ‘predictions’ ever be ‘true’ for everyone, its just impossible. Perhaps an astro-advice column, suggesting ‘possibilities’ is a better way forward. So ‘best’ just accept the limitations of our art, and look for ‘improvements’ in any way we can get them.

So why aren’t i trying once-again to show you ‘things’ which could ‘amaze’ and keep you ‘interested’, just like i have done before.

Well as i said my hearts just not-in-it right now, as this kind of forecasting has lost its ‘sparkle’ and the ability to keep me amused just now.

But the real truth is, when i did it just-for-fun and had no other purpose or need to continue it, and had the possibility to easily ‘ditch it’ it was ‘where’ i wanted it to be.

And its ‘appeal’ was always in trying many different ‘ways’ of presenting the information, and whilst that was fulfilling enough for me ‘for a while’, after ‘the’ thrill was gone, it was bound to end-up like this.

Although, strangely what i’ve done so far if i had kept-at-it would’ve ‘sufficed’, but its that Saturnine quality of ‘sticking at something’ which produce[s] results which is always hard-for-me to keep at, especially as it ‘all’ quickly became ‘old hat’ to me.

So now you know my ‘feelings’ on it, and in a way i always knew these ‘posts’ were doomed to end-up finished early, and i’m ‘quite’ surprised i even got this far.

But i am very aware that you haven’t navigated to my ‘blog’ to read only this, and i also know i’d want more if i was a ‘reader’, especially considering the quality of what i’ve been reading before, and as i don’t want to cheat ‘you’, and i want you to keep-coming-back i will do some forecasting today.

So, here’s how i’d ‘personally’ look at the Month of October; [as if] i was looking at it just for myself.

Hopefully, [if you’re ‘new’ to Astrology] you’ll pick-up some ‘tips’ here.

The first thing i’d do, is see if there’s any transits to my natal planets/houses.

The Sun is transiting my 9th house, ‘so here’s [one] main focus’, and it tells me [so much], but from ‘within’ rather than ‘without’, as i know roughly where my energies are going to go, [be placed], without even giving-it much thought, as my past experience informs me ‘so much’.

Mercury will ‘flit’ between 24 Libra and 1 Sagittarius, so from my 9th to the 11th house. And this time ‘every year’ tends to see me doing little ‘special’, and nothing much of ‘note’, and by the end of October i should fading-away into obscurity, only this year the November Rx motion will see my 11th house being the focus, and that could give me an ’emphasis’ on socialising with friends ‘more’, especially as Mercury is natal Lord 7, [in my 7th house], now in the 11th ‘for a time’, so what better time.

Note: [all these transits] are all about connections, and the culmination of combined ‘powers’, that will help ‘build’ certain patterns in our lives, which we can then accept and ‘ride’ on, or not, as is your ‘wont’.

But remember some patterns put life firmly in our own hands, whilst others do not.

Venus is moving from my 8th to my 9th house, conjuncting Mars as it goes, and again ‘its’ Venus’s rulership over my natal 5th house which will see me sharing in joint-ventures [for times of ‘fun’] whilst it-is-in the 8th house, and then i must go my ‘own’ way ‘later in the month’, probably kicking-in hard with my astrological work when its in my 9th, as that has been the pattern of previous years.

Mars’s power in Scorpio is coming to an end, and its takes on a whole ‘nother face in Sagittarius [on the 7th], but its ‘in’ a rather ‘dead’ area for me all month, not reaching my Ascendant until early November, so i should be ‘taking-it-easy’ [as is the way of any planet in the 12th], but i doubt i will.

Something’s brewing for me in early October, as the 5th sees Jupiter ‘station’ just 2 minutes from exact conjunction to my natal Moon. But all i can think of is, look-out for ‘big’ troubles somewhere, and for ‘something’ which could affect me deeply.

I’ll keep an eye on this ‘aspect’, [especially as it fails to ‘perfect’ this time around], ‘as i feel i may escape the worst’, but we’ll see.

Saturn moves out of my 9th house and sits as ‘king of my pile’ [on my Midheaven] on the 9th, but i don’t expect to get any ‘sudden’ recognition for my work, ‘as i haven’t gone out of my way to get any’, and Saturn ‘here’ can have a falling-away [after any success], so i’ll see what comes-my-way.

So that’s how my life is shaping-up for October, and that’s only the bare bones.

You’ll have a ‘background-picture’ like ‘this’ going-on too, its only a case of how aware you are of it, be it through ‘your’ rather scant, or somewhat more profound astrological knowledge.

So now, to ‘some’ of the monthly ‘aspects’, and the ‘energies’ we all share in. And whereas some of us will be able to apply them ‘to our natal cusp rulers’, those who can’t ‘do this’ can still get a little less ‘specific’ info from looking at their ‘general meanings’ and applying it to life.

So ‘once again’ any reference to ‘myself’ is ‘there’ to help you learn.

Seeing a Moon Venus trine in-between two opposition’s on the 1st makes me think of how easy it could be ‘slipping-in-and-out-of-trouble today. Watch those power-plays and tugs-of-love too.

Feeling all ‘hot and passionate’ about someone you’ve just met may cool-off far quicker than you’d ever want it to over the 2nd and 3rd. It looks like a day, [the 5th], when i should aim to increase my ‘decent’ self, and become more ‘sociable’, sadly that may be short-lived, and later in the day i may be fighting my ‘base’ self, and trying to keep quiet about things i’d rather keep to myself.

Its unlikely that i’ll wake up on Sunday the 7th feeling all sporty and adventurous but certain ‘vistas’ will become more appealing now Mars is in Sagittarius, and with the Sun in trine to Jupiter until Monday night ‘at least’ plan/think about some future events when you get back from a rather ‘dreamy’ start to the working-week.

The 9th sport, 10th communications, 11th concrete fantasy and weirdness, [well that’s what i’d be concentrating on] if i weren’t so lazy and doing nothing. Venus is conjuncted by the Moon at 15:36 on the 12th, i’ll probably just be at home taking it easy, but [just know] the whole day could be ‘so-much-more’.

Come the afternoon of the 15th i know i will be quite aware of my own worth and just where i stand in life, in fact all ‘connections’ between me and my 2nd ‘house’ should be clearer ‘at least for a while’. Your Jupiter and Saturn will ‘rule’ elsewhere in your chart and give you different meanings. The 16th offers-up 5 aspects of note, so i suppose its good the 17th offers none.

Will ‘lots’ happen on the 16th then?

That’s a stupid thing to say really, as its just as easy to do a little or a lot this day, there’s just a lot of connections for you to ‘make the most of’ that’s all.

The Moon Saturn conjunction usually puts me in a sober and contemplative frame-of-mind, but as this is the first ‘one’ in Scorpio it may ‘feel different’. I can also imagine getting stuck into a myriad of ‘minor’ things as the Moon conjuncts Mercury which sextile’s Venus, so some ‘things’ could blow-up big as Mercury aspects Jupiter. And you may ‘want to’ get carried-away with what you consider to be the good things in life, but luckily life will step in the way to stop you.

Given the chance to go ‘paintballing’ or learning new survival skills, or doing something ‘new’ rather than the usual routine on the 18th, i’d take it.

19th, who to go out with, and ‘later’ who to have fun with. 21st, hook-up, chat and have fun. The 22nd could be the ‘proverbial-day-that-drags’ for many of us, well it is a Monday. The 23rd and 24th are slowly building-up the solar energy, when it kicks Saturn in the ‘balls’ on the morning of Thursday the 25th; and many should expect some unsettling news, especially in the ‘house’ area Saturn rules or is placed in. In the evening let talking about love and relationships in the ‘positive’ overpower any talk of just how poor the expression of love has become. Note: ‘of course’ this will only suit certain people in certain situations, but it has to be stated, ‘being’ the main thrust-of-the-day.

You might really feel like ‘giving-up’ as you’ve had enough by late afternoon of Friday the 26th, [but don’t] as positive ‘times’ continue right up to the early hours of Sunday morning, the 28th.

Are you feeling lucky Punk? if you are, then you may be one of a very fortunate few. Libran’s will be feeling the beneficial rays of Venus for the next three weeks, but it may bring unwanted pressure’s too.

The rest of the month is on a rather negative and down-beat pattern, as indeed are the first two days of November, but they do offer the scope to ‘try’ a wilder side of yourself and life, so go on ‘what-are-you-waiting-for’?

Ok that’s enuff, they’ll be ‘no more forecasting from me’. Sorry, but i just don’t wanna do it.


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