Astrology and Newspaper titles

Here in England we still have many daily newspapers.

But its the titles of the Newspapers that i’m interested in today, and how they ‘may’ be connected to one planet or another.

But whether the planet[s] i’m connecting them to, means the papers are fully ‘aligned’ to being ‘like’ that planet i cannot say.

But maybe [if there is something in this] you will/do buy a ‘news’ title due to the connected planet’s writing style and content, and the way it filters its content ‘down to you’ via the planet in the title.

The first planet/news title is so obvious it needs no real explanation.

‘The Sun’, or maybe it should have been called the ‘Daily Sun’, as no other planet is ‘so’ connected to the ‘day’.

The Moon, is the ‘Daily Mirror’ and is a obvious counterpart to the Sun, because both are luminaries. With a ‘Mirror’ being a very Moon type ‘reflective’ object.

And because these two titles are very popular they reflect essential reading for some of the general pubic, as important as night and day.

Following on from that Mercury reflects itself in the title of the ‘Daily Mail’, with its name ‘the Mail’ being connected to Letters, ‘in the post’, a very Mercurial connection.

Venus is a tricky one to connect to a News title, but i think ‘The Observer’ newspaper sounds ‘right’ to me, with the passiveness Venus often displays.

And ‘The Daily Express’ has to have a connection to Mars, with the title connecting to quickness .

And ‘The Guardian’ sounds very Jupiterian to me. But as said, is it really anymore of a Jupiterian read inside?

And what could be any more Saturnine sounding then the ‘The Times’. A good factual steady read, bordering on seriousness, well perhaps.

That leaves ‘The Independent’ newspaper as a proper Uranian title, but is it more of a ‘conservative’ read inside?

Now i suppose ‘Community titles’ and free newspapers must be doing a Neptunian favour to the public.

As for Plutonian titles i am stumped, i wonder if there are any, at least on public sale. Underground titles perhaps, and those one’s which are ‘secret’ or anti-establishment i guess.

Now, i wasn’t trying to make any real point today with this post, only that it is interesting that maybe the news comes to you in the ‘form’ of planet[s], but not having read a ‘paper’ for years its hard for me to say for sure that if you pick-up The Daily Express for instance you will get a Martian slant on the news, or even ‘more’ Martian type coverage in that day’s news than if you pick-up the Solar ‘Sun’. But its possible they have a certain planetary style i guess.

Note: i felt it was worth a ‘post’, even if ‘at most’ it is probably a long-jump from a ‘title’ to ‘content’.

Hope you found it interesting.


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