Astrology: Trapped

June 8, 2017

Ok here’s the truth i have written something like this before, but hey that’s blogging.

This is the time of year that i feel trapped and i will explain why but first we have to remember that there are two types of Astrology, that is the personal and the more general although both are interconnected and more importantly we always have to consider both to get the bigger picture.

Today is June 7th 2017 and it is a whole six months until the Sun sits in my natal 12th house where as usual i feel personally trapped and in the usual despair and isolation of that position and also doing what i usually do at that time of the year which is generally little or nothing. In December i know my year is winding down and i am just waiting until the 16th/17th when the Sun hits my Ascendant and new life hits me again, out of being trapped in my 12th house. It is simply a personal expectation that doesn’t regularly disappoint and i even look forward to it with it being a time to wind down and relax and after 52 years i have got into ‘that’ natural [for me] rhythm, and in-a-way that is how it should be.

But the second and ‘somewhat’ more unwanted and unwelcome time of feeling ‘trapped’ comes to me around early June, you see being a Sun Cancer native whenever the Sun sits in Gemini it brings on a similar 12th house feeling but it is not so ‘personal’ in the sense that i want or need it to happen to me, but still it is unescapable [and i am sure it can feel like that to you too] and to make that ‘meaning’ clear although i hope it already ‘is’ everybody has a time of year when the Sun is one sign behind their own natal position and they will have a sense of being trapped too, i hope that clears that up.

But then ‘inevitably’ we all must encounter ‘times’ when a combination of factors just works against you [and in my case right now] i have many 12th house factors going-on and i just can’t escape them until the planets move-on and it is like being ganged-up on/upon just now.

Now don’t get me wrong the 12th house/type factors can be ‘good’ if you can get into ‘what’ they can do/give you, but for many of us [especially with Sagittarius natally there] the 12th usually gives us mind-numbing boredom with nothing much to do can which can send some people quite mad in/with frustration and with the inability to act it can be hard to take, [and i am sure that people with the other signs in the 12th have their own problems to face, although i am not here to tell ‘them’ what that is right now and even if i did know what those problems were ‘which i don’t’ i just am not writing about that here today although it would make a good post to do ‘if you could’ i am sure of that].

Anyway, the point i am coming to is ‘too much of something’ [all the same vibe] can simply drive you over/towards the edge. All your eggs in one basket and only eggs and your start to crave bread is my point as you’ll start to see.

Now, it is good that all the planets are staggered at various positions/stages and because of their different speeds you find you aren’t stuck in that ‘place’ forever but for now Mercury is in Gemini and my natal Mercury is in Cancer so again i feel somewhat stuck and ‘trapped’ [i tend to yearn to miss-out the 12th sign factor a lot more as i get older but that is because in 2016/2017 i have had so much of it as you’ll see] but eventually that will change. And why does it all look so ‘bleak’ just now well for me it is because i have made other important decisions on certain dates and now they are combining with my/the natal/general ‘outlook’ that i am starting to despair and feeling ‘oh boy’ this really is enough, move-on already won’t you, because it may have suited you to move into your house when the Sun sat in Taurus and that was in your fourth house natally and you were ‘happy’ with the fact the other positions of that day were there but today seven and a bit years later you slightly curse the fact that Venus is in Taurus ‘right now’ and that means it isn’t yet in Gemini where it was when you moved in and that Mars now sits in Cancer where it was in Leo when you moved-in and today home feels like a prison of sorts and this all makes you sigh and slightly laugh like a mad man when you also realise that for the last few years Saturn has been going through your natal 12th house and you really start to wonder when this whole ‘trapped-ness’ thing is going to go away especially as Saturn is about to re-enter your natal 12th by retrograde motion ‘quite soon’ so you’ve some more to come and you realise all you can really do is just wait it out until all this eventually passes and you find yourself in the cold light of day of the life-giving 1st house and all the 12th house positions and factors are gone for some time at least.

But, are you happy, can you handle it, is this what i need just now, all questions you must ask yourself, but knowing you just can’t escape it is the most important thing to know. I suppose when it seems ‘right’ it has to be, doesn’t it?

I also know because my Sun sits in my 7th house ‘this time of year’ means the Sun is in my sixth house so ‘that’ means it is never the best place for me to escape my isolation/trapped-ness anyway as the 6th house is a ‘cadent’ house and not a moveable astrological-house like the angular ones, so as i finish this piece i move back into my trapped life i know i am just glad i could write this to you [dear reader] and escape my situation for a while, of course i could always try and fight my way out of my trapped-ness [but there is nowhere to go] because i think i am psychologically dormant just now, or i could fight against the current astrological set-up but that tends to lead to more trouble and i usually just go along with my stars not against them and although that is defeatist in-a-way i think i know what is best for me even in troubled times.

And although i don’t like to admit this perhaps my mother’s warning was right when she said ‘don’t let the stars run your life’ but when the factors gang-up on you what are you meant to do, tell me that. It is just a 12th house time for me right now, so i will live with it.

Astrology: An important transit to you/me

January 23, 2017

Yes, this is about me but you’ll go through it too at some stage so read on it might help in the long run.

In a couple of days i will have Saturn on my Ascendant by transit a one in 29 year thing as you surely know. Not something to be overly joyous about but it happens and it’s at times like these you truly feel like you are getting what you deserve and if like me you spent most of the twelfth house period relaxing and hiding away you will feel a certain emptiness and longing to do something but what can you build on, that’s right nothing, so do you head out into your World and dive headlong into something new, of course not – take heed and have caution, you may feel like taking-on a whole new you but the patterns just ain’t in place and you feel like you are destined to waste another period of time just when you feel the time is right and life is picking up once again, it is sad but you are scared and so much time has already been wasted and that’s just life you say to yourself, oh dear what a quandary but what is really stopping you, the past – you say, and then it all becomes too black to contemplate anymore.

That is the inner workings of my mind just now and it is like life has beaten me already without me giving myself a chance, tough luck buddy the World has closed-in and the reality of life as a failure has dawned. But wait a minute didn’t you work hard for much of what you have right now, didn’t a lot of planning go into getting to where you are right now, don’t forget just what you went through to be here at this point today, you calmed down a lot and lost a lot of things so you could be free of the stresses that were killing your life and its style, just don’t forget the struggles and the way you turned things around whilst Saturn was in your twelfth house, sure life may seem ordinary to the point of boredom and a certain amount of loneliness but before you were a chaotic mess and that has somewhat cleared-up, so think positively now and look and see what you really have.

Yes, i have what most people have and although much potential is yet undeveloped isn’t that what the first house is all about and you then have something in the second house and life is simply now for the living. That’s it really – sussed.

Astrology: Politics

November 9, 2016

First, i am not pro or anti Trump, politics means little to me, but the 2016 election is worth a comment i think.

He drained the swamp, and America’s political class lost, or did they, no, politics continues to win, and Trump whipped-up such a storm that the American people just had/has to [love a system that enslaves them] once again. But the insults and the line ‘she is a crook’ won-out, [say anything enough times and it will stick it seems], he played a brilliant hand, and as the public wouldn’t/couldn’t stand for electing a crook so he was their only other choice, clever, very clever, even if under-handed, although as we ‘all’ surely know by now he is not ‘whiter than white’ himself, and it is perhaps the lesser of two evils that ‘won’, but of course that slur will be partly forgotten now, because he has become the President.

Only Trump never said what he was going to fill the swamp with, the renewing of the American Dream, the only dream i see is the renewing of the political ‘nightmare’ and the belief that this ‘man’ will make their lives better. Today is built-on yesterday, and for ‘all’ the promises that a politician makes his real agenda always remains slightly ‘hidden’ from view, however open it seems.

Is it refreshing to see someone with no real political background make President? perhaps, yes, but for all the rhetoric about Walls and no Safe cities/zones or aid for non-american’s he still has to work in a political system, so, we will see what he is really ‘about’ soon or we will see a damp squib.

Remember he will always have to deal with the whole political class behind the ‘real’ decisions in America, and they will tie him down somewhat.

I see Trump as a man who has got what he wants, he has got the power and the prestige and the ability to shout ‘big’ about things, but now his ego has been satisfied [in that he has made the top-spot], but of course in reality he can only ever do ‘so much’, [damage?].

I can see him being disliked very soon with no-one wanting to work with him [despite what they say right now], i can also see a downfall being plotted against him ‘right now’ as the ‘real’ political class will run hard to get their power back.

Is this a good day for the political world or just a blip, a ‘joke’, like four years off, we will see.

He is an unknown quantity and to my eyes it is quite amazing he has got ‘there’ considering what he was up against, but don’t be fooled, he couldn’t have got ‘there’ if he was some kind of ‘monster-raving looney party’ candidate.

So, it is business as usual for America, as the ultimate business-man is now in charge.

Now for some Astrology, i read he was born on June 14th 1946 in Jamaica, Queens, New York City at 10:54 AM with 29 Leo rising on the fixed star Regulus on his Ascendant and this [it has to be said] is rather apt for a king-like presidency.

But on a general planetary-level what is striking is the hidden emotional side of him, Saturn in Cancer will keep most of that side hidden from view, but with Mercury and Venus in Cancer there too there is/or [has to be] an intimate family-side to him it is we just don’t see it yet but that is unsurprising as his Saturn/Venus conjunction sits near to his 12th house cusp, but we are getting more glimpses of its workings as his life becomes more public to the whole world.

But seriously i think America has just crowned its new ‘King’ knowingly or not because as i watched Trump and his family on their gold trimmed seats it hit me that they sat there like the European Kings did in the early 20th century for photograph’s [and television is just moving pictures, isn’t it] and something seemed to shout-out to me, a new King is on his throne.

But Trump’s chart is odd in ‘that’ for many people-of-power and influence you might find their [in his case] Saturn/Venus conjunction ruling say his 1st and 10th houses bringing his life and office/honour together but no it rules his 7th and 4th houses, like he isn’t doing this ‘presidency’ for himself but for his family and partner or even just to be better than his opponent’s – see the Clinton’s, totally smashed by him, as i’m sure have been many competitors up for the same thing[s] ‘rewards’.

So, a new dynasty has emerged, and it seems he stays very close to his family, like the Roman Emperor’s did/do, but i am not ‘American’ so i haven’t had access to his life’s history and his workings so i am quite ‘out’ of the/any given loop here [and i’m not wasting my time finding-out more about him either] but i suspect i am close to the truth here as aren’t all politician’s and president’s virtually one-kind of people, he certainly has the big hair of the big 80’s TV show.

The thing is, most of America’s Leaders have had a related-connection to each other, so where does Trump fit in? is he related in some way we don’t know about, or does he finally break that spell, i will try and find-out, i guess Googling it is my only way, oh i see he is related to Hilary Clinton and has a royal bloodline connection, so a bit of in-fighting and the right blood connections, it starts to make sense now, and like i said earlier they don’t just let anyone participate and win the election.

Finally, he doesn’t have a particularly ‘dignified’ birth-chart, dignity by term and face only [but i guess] you don’t have to be that dignified to be the leader of the free-world or the World’s most important president today.

One last thing is on 20/01/2017 and around the time that he is sworn-in as the president his Progressed Moon in Cancer [very strong] conjuncts his natal 10th house ruler Venus, [he is in ‘office’, his and the highest] and with that one bit of information you could have almost predicted where he would be ‘then’, even from birth if you knew back ‘then’ that he wanted to be President of course, born for it, seems he was.

Is there anything left to say ‘at present’, no, he hasn’t started his ‘term’ yet.

Astrology: 40 years ago, today

October 22, 2016

Back in 1976 when I was only eleven years old Punk Rock surfaced as a recognisable music genre and one of its defining moments was the first recognised punk single, but as with any musical starting-point it was really just a merging of previous styles in many ways although Punk certainly seemed new and was emerging out of nothing that had gone before; anyway today it is pretty uncontested that The Damned’s ‘New Rose’ 45 RPM is seen as that record, why? because it beat the Sex Pistols ‘Anarchy in the UK’ into the charts by two weeks, although ‘Anarchy’ as a record became the more ‘popular’ record, as did the Sex Pistols themselves for their rather brief ‘stint’ as the top Punk band.

Anyway ‘New Rose’ was recorded on September 17th in the afternoon, in London and it had The Beatles B side of ‘Help’ on the flipside, I have a copy, although i didn’t buy it at the time, it was published [out on sale] on October 22nd 1976, and it was recorded by Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible, Rat Scabies, and Brian James [who wrote the music riff] and more importantly to some or all of the words, and it is said to be either about a new love in his life or the love of ‘Punk’ being the ‘new rose’ in town, but as he doesn’t say, or wants to say, we’ll probably never know.

Astrologically its published/out date is only one day before the October 23rd solar eclipse which when set for/in London gives a 13 Libra ascendant and some interesting chart positions; and now we are going to look at London as the European Punk capital and New York as its American equivalent, and this eclipse as the Punk Rock eclipse.

The eclipse has a lot of first house planets in London, so it is fair to say London was the most ‘living’ place for ‘Punk’ on the whole planet especially in 1976/77, but can we find The Damned and The Sex Pistols in this chart? tough job you may think, but let’s try.

So, where do you find ‘music’ in a chart, Venus yes, and the fifth house for ‘creatives’ and the seventh for people who band together, i can’t think of any other main significator’s. Venus is in Sagittarius in the chart and that may seem strange as it is not a typical hide-out for the musical, but you’ve got to remember ‘punk’ wasn’t seen as ‘real’ music by so many ‘muso’s’ back then, it was just a noisy overload and thought to be just crap lyrics, but far from it, as they were often ‘socially-aware’ lyrics of the Jupiter ruled Sagittarian type. This wasn’t cosy pop, where Venus in Taurus or Cancer would be more apt perhaps.

Now let us look at the name the ‘Damned’, the eclipse took place at 29 56 Libra in the Venusian ‘musical’ sign, but the very last vestiges of it, almost like saying this is the last outpouring of music, and bad music at that, [it certainly was thought of as so at the time]. But the eclipse so close to Scorpio, it could be said it was looking Scorpio [in the eye] and as we know the Moon in Scorpio is in its fall and that’s not an overly positive thing to help produce something, [like life’s-reflection is working against you] so why not call yourself the Damned, and especially as they had some dark gothic tunes, and they even had one-song called ‘I Fall’ which in a way was about to happen to the eclipse ‘Moon’ going into Scorpio. But the eclipse is in Libra, and we must be ‘fair’ astrologically so let’s look at some other possibilities for why Punk had its rise when it did other than this.

Let us look at the fifth house ruler of the eclipse chart Saturn, [as it is the creative mantra for musicians and people out looking for fun] it is not good ‘essentially’ being in ‘Leo’, it would like to be sunny and bright but it is being pulled down somewhat and has to deal with some darker matters, and surely if punk ‘dealt’ with anything it was ‘social’ inequalities, [all is lost/no future] and the like, and could you be ‘said’ to be the ‘Damned’ if things didn’t or weren’t going your way; a planet in its detriment can be said to be in hardship and not thought of that highly, although like any ‘planet’ in its detriment people will say of it, and did ‘say’, you ‘can do better’ than that [and many Punks were capable of so much more] but so many didn’t ‘want to’ pull themselves up because there was so little to aspire to, or so they thought back-then. And in 1976 the Punk’s were often thought of as the lowest ‘creatures’ who subsequently went-out looking for a good time in the midst of a battle with boredom and not wanting to be drones to/of the things that had gone by in previous generations, [but as i said] so many were worth so much more than this and it was this music which helped them become someone, but back then to be ‘someone’ meant they were wildly working-up a mane of hair and the ‘mane of hair’ is very Leonine and then despite having virtually nothing in their pockets they could and did go-on to become their own ‘star/s’ for the day/night and that is very much the way to react to Saturn in Leo with a safety-pin and plastic bag. Sure, it was much more than that but for many fans of the music in the wider UK they lived for the music nights and did what they had to do to be a PUNK in the meantime, whether that meant a full or part-time existence as a Punk-Rocker.

The chart also has Mars in Scorpio, and if Punk has anything remarkable about it, it is the fierce ‘energy’ that guitars and microphones could produce, and coupled with snarling vocal lines it is a perfect astrological indicator of Mars in Scorpio coupled with Saturn in Leo, [the roar], and with Venus in Sagittarius the compassionate questions were asked about where ‘life’ is/was going?

Now, take the name the Sex Pistols, again Sex is very much Scorpio and along with Mars the Gun, [or Pistol] we have/get a perfect Punk name. And like the ‘Damned’ and others we tend to get all expressions of this eclipse’s total-force, and i could quote some more Punk band names, but you get the idea.

But why this eclipse? and why London and New York as its urban hot-spots. I suppose Astro-mapping can help us decipher that a little. But London was already a musical hot spot and New York was just degenerate enough with many half-crazy delinquents ready to rock to bring it into being, and the rest of Europe and the World just didn’t have that/this urban music sensibility i suppose, although many a good band had Devon or North Eastern English ‘roots’ to give an example, but to be fair in 2016 you’ll find Punk bands in every country, but back then in 1976 my county 100 miles from London had few if any Punks, but it soon grew.

Let us now look closer at the eclipse, it didn’t happen over London or New York but this was where it had its most powerful out-pouring, why? because we had many first house planets in the chart set for London and New York has the planet Saturn on the Ascendant for the eclipse time 6:11 AM, Note: it doesn’t matter where you place an eclipse [location] as the ‘eclipse’ is a world event and the date/time provides the ‘places’ where the planets fall, so, between New York and Washington DC we have the curved Saturn on the ASC line, and it passes close to Trenton, New Jersey, which was said to be one of the toughest/hardest crowds in the punk world, with many fights in the ‘scene’ there too. We also know that one of the singers out of the band ‘Black Flag’ was from DC and Black is Saturn’s colour and a flag is an outpouring of [look at me, i am here] = Leo, Bad Brains another band were from DC and the Ascendant is the head ‘area’ and Blondie were from New York and it was dyed blond after the singer ‘front woman’ Saturn’ black turned blond Leo. And you could probably find other Punk band correspondences too, straight-edge punk is a DC thing. And if you look at Saturn’s local space lines it comes close to San Francisco another early Punk hot-spot [beginning place], with the Dead [Saturn] Kennedy’s a rather older more professional-type of Punk playing [or let us say more ‘mature’ playing] going-on.

It is also interesting to note that Saturn as Lord of this eclipse shows in his angular ‘located’ position that only New York was the accepted starting place of Punk, [and as the angles of an eclipse ‘nail it into the earth] and New York is a clearly a contender for ‘its birthplace’ as Saturn sits on the Ascendant there because in London it is in the 11th house, and the only other places for a real birth place have to be Saturn on the MC and that is in Europe, it goes through Istanbul and that was no great Punk hotspot in 1976, but of course in the last 20 years of Punk if we look north of ‘that’ into Eastern Europe where Punk is loved and [venerated] we see this Saturn’s eclipse influence continuing.

It is weird the mapping of planets onto the World map, but it can be so informative too, Saturn on the IC only in Alaska, well it might as well have not been there in ’76 because the 4th is it most hidden place, but an angle is it, so today, i don’t know about how Punk is felt there but it is probably still in the underground. Note: [to re-cap] many say London was its birthplace but this eclipse [on its own] suggests New York has more ‘claim’ but this is only one eclipse and there was another in early 1976, anyway we continue and will not touch that ‘one’ here.

Also there has to be population centres for things to happen, New York had Saturn on the Asc, so why didn’t London have it on the MC, i suppose it is simple geography, if New York is where it emerged then by land mass ‘alone’ and also by simple country/city placement ‘London’ couldn’t have Saturn on the MC, [it felt like it did though], and with it in the 11th house perhaps it is for a good reason that the Punk’s who started all the bands were usually ‘friends’ or known compatriots of each-other even though they might not of liked their bandmates or the other bands much if truth is to be believed?, and there is even the ‘story’ of the Sex Pistols playing in Manchester and everyone in the audience [all known to each other slightly] going-off to become the next Punk type bands in England, a local fraternity of Punks you might say, or just some local somewhat bored losers looking for a future, whatever really, that is how Punk worked.

William Lily a 17th century astrologer has rules for judging solar eclipses; if in your location [here London] the eclipse is above the horizon take the planet ruling with most dignities at 29 56 Libra, well it would be Saturn as it is ‘Exaltation’ and day-triplicity ruler, but in London it falls under the earth or night-time, but i think as it is a solar eclipse [Sun conjunct Moon] then it doesn’t matter whether it is above the horizon or not, and only in a lunar eclipse where either Luminary is above or below the horizon, it being the oppositional aspect, do we consider this factor and take the most dignities of the one above the horizon. But if i am wrong about this i am sorry, but that is how i understand the traditional rules just now, and how i gave Saturn as Punk’s planet.

Back to the Damned now, you mustn’t forget the players and the energy they brought to the music Brian James was said by Captain Sensible to have brought amazing crazy energy and it is his Mars in Aries no doubt, the Captain himself has Mars in Capricorn. Dave Vanian [the singer] has Neptune almost exactly on the eclipse with it sextiling Pluto at 29 50 Leo, apt for the singer/frontman. Rat Scabies born July 30th 1955 has Mars and Jupiter in 10/12 degrees of Leo close to the Saturn of 15 Leo in the eclipse and without his drum intro ‘New Rose’ might have sounded quite different, ‘no aircraft engines’ about to take-off’.

And if you look closely at the Damned’s members you see that in their previous day jobs they were very Saturnine, Dave Vanian was a grave-digger, the Captain a toilet cleaner, human waste – to a shine a very Saturn in Leo thing to do and Rat Scabies a floor- [Saturn] polisher [Leo].

The words of this song are almost prophetical, in it says ‘i mustn’t stop to mess around/ or it’ll be too late and with the eclipse at 29 56 Libra he wasn’t joking, Punk’s time was ‘now’, and many music people hoped it would be a flash-in-the-pan thing and that it would go away as quickly as it had arrived because it was upsetting the ‘normal’ musical output, but it was just out of sight to most people, like Jimi Hendrix said; Saturn – out of sight, not in most people’s musical range, now or ever.

I just want to add in here that if you take this London eclipse and put directional houses on the local space chart the 3rd house line runs so close to Cromer [from where this piece is written] it is almost like I had to be here to write it. although that is just a weird coincidence i’m sure and not even worth adding-in here.

Other notes: eclipses in Libra are said to ‘provoke the youth to wantonness and punk was the ultimate youth movement in which anything went. I couldn’t check-out the last decon of Libra but perhaps that has more pertinent information, i just don’t know.

The name the Damned is of course a ‘slur’, meaning the one’s who are cursed, but Damn is also an expression of being damned ‘good’ and in punk circles these musicians could play, although to look at them you wouldn’t think so. The truth seems to be that Brian James christened the group the Damned after a 1969 movie of the same name. It was also a name said to be descriptive of the band’s hapless state of affairs at the time, and seems right for many a band starting out, especially Punk bands.

The Damned’s first proper gig was on 6th July 1976 supporting the Sex Pistols in London’s 100 club

The Damned also played in France at the Mont de Marsan Punk festival with the Sex Pistols in the early years, it is south of Bordeaux near to Spain and the Local space lines from London see the 10th house line ‘there’ and it was an early promotional place for Punk aptly.

They also had a memorable night at the Drill Hall Lincoln, England in the middle of June 1977 when some football hooligans wanted to fight them and where the stage was stormed after a group of men said let’s get the Damned, but why there? astrologically it makes little sense, the local space 4th house line runs close to Lincoln, so did they think if we end The Damned we will end Punk, maybe.

More general information now…

The dictionary definition of Punk is… and what ‘better’ explanation for a person symbolised by Saturn in its detriment, [is a person of poor or bad in condition, quality, etc] , or even a male homosexual [which many punk’s were, or didn’t mind acknowledging when so many wouldn’t], or more readily in the beginning of the punk movement, a young hoodlum, as many were or wanted to be.

The Saints from Australia were the only other ‘pioneers’ who were directly affected by this eclipses angularity with Saturn off the Perth coastline, and this line goes up to Southern Japan, where they took on the ‘fashion’ of Punk, but albeit many years later.

It is also obvious that Venus isn’t the eclipse ruler and Saturn in detriment is far more suited to Punk in this eclipse chart, even its recognised ‘King’ Johnny Rotten has a Saturnine name of a ‘decayed’ piece of ‘person’.

That’s the story really, but i want to make a quick aside on the remaining 0 04 minutes of Libra left at the eclipse, there is a punk song called ‘4 minute warning’ but it is not about the eclipse, but it could be ‘said’ to be, if you have my imagination, it is actually the four minutes from warning to attack and death and at 29 56 Libra it could be said the ‘attack’ happened here and ‘death’ was 4 minutes later at/in Scorpio, but i am only having a laugh here, please, it was a stupid aside from my own decayed brain.

But all said these young seditionaries’ took that ‘moment’ and ran with it like they were ‘kids’ stealing ‘candy’ from the shop and going on to sell it to other kids through a main shop, [record shops], and for all the initial Punk ‘worthlessness’, for millions ‘today of still not fully grown-up kids it is their music of choice and a style which they don’t forget whether they were fully into it or for a while, but for many it has been ‘all their life’ and it still continues, will it die? or is fast-paced Rock music now just an accepted ‘norm’, i think we all know the answer to that, because times have moved-on and Punk has morphed.

In the/this eclipse chart it is obvious to see why only a few planets are ‘used’ to describe ‘Punk’s’ moment of birth,; but ‘lest we forget’ it is all the other factors/planets [combined] in various formations that describe the ‘world’ of 1976, because with Saturn in Leo it was the ‘dearth’ [lack of] fun in a nation, who thought Morecombe and Wise was the only real entertainment worth watching on TV in ‘what’ was the then a very economically depressed country of Britain until Punk came along stuck-up its two-fingered salute to it all and snapped them out of their stupor and shook them up… … even if it was only by being outraged by swearing on television and then thinking this is bad and it will go away or indeed let us make it go away or let’s forget it and move-on, the usual British thinking, you know. It was kind of destroyed in the early days by nay-sayers, but it is still loved by thousands/millions who thought it worth much more than that.

So, it just leaves me to say ‘Viva Punk’, and it has lasted well, very well.

Astrology: Gambling your life away

October 20, 2016

Remember the good old days when reading a book fulfilled nearly every armchair desire you had and when you heard the phrase ‘if you can’t actually do it, then do it in your mind’, ah, what fun we had as youngsters, when we were too young to actually do anything in the grown-up World and our desire built and built until we actually let ourselves loose on the World, then we got the knock-backs and then we realised we could’ve and should’ve stayed in the book form of reality and never try to create what we saw on the page as the trouble of bringing that into existence was too much, oh just me, was it?

Today the book as a form of experiencing ‘all’ of life is all too easily replaced, and whenever a grown-up wants the ‘World’ all he or she has to do is look no further than online gambling, luckily i learnt a valuable lesson at twelve years old so i don’t gamble with real money anymore, i was a young stupid and naïve boy and after saving hard for weeks on a cold and windy paper-round i blew £50 [a lot of money in 1977] on one glorious day in an amusement arcade on a local holiday, the owner must of smiled and laughed when he opened-up that machine and reaped my rewards, what was i to do, ask for it back, never mind, anyway now when i play it is on my computer and it’s all free, and i wouldn’t play if it wasn’t. And as someone said ‘the chase is better than the catch’ and what am i going to do with thousands of non-redeemable points anyway, no, the total goes-up and it goes-down, it is a totally pointless exercise, and even with loads of points the end-game is ‘always’ [all will be lost] and it is over for you, so why spend your money which can buy food and drink, and it is here that i have to say that i personally think that ‘kids’ should probably spend some time in school gambling on non-redeemable points so they can come to their own ‘pointless’ conclusion on gambling and then perhaps they won’t gamble in their adult lives, unless they like disappointing and devastating lost.

Anyway, my point is… … gambling exercises all the astrological houses, 1st house – i’ll spend my life-force on it and i’ll get my hopes up 11th and i will succeed ‘win’ 10th and increase my wealth 2nd and take another’s wealth 8th and play a game 5th and i’ll spend all my ‘wits’ [my mind] 3rd and be up against the opponent 7th and exercise my higher-self in a battle of mind over the antics of the other opponent, while i am essentially fighting against myself ‘all the time’ but of course ultimately i will lose 12th and end-up 4th as a loser, sick of it all 6th and the/my circle of life is ‘complete’ [the whole game], and i will drag-it-out for however long i ‘want’ my misery to continue for, or forever however long it lasts, it is all a GAME and is best to be thought of as so.

It is essentially a 5th house activity, sure you win, you can’t continue if you don’t win, but essentially the odds are against you and you WILL lose. Back to Zero.

There isn’t much more to say, it tests you and makes you a man [when you win] and makes you feel less of a man [when you lose], i am not anti-gambling but you have to see it for what it is.

I want to add a bit more… … i think, that if you have a watery type nature then your ‘desire’ nature can be strong or even overwhelming so gambling may fulfil your desire to just let go and go for it and see what comes, dangerous ‘waters’ indeed, so watch yourself is my advice.

Also some else which i have found handy and even invaluable is, don’t bother gambling if you want an ‘increase’ in your stake when the Moon is void-of-course, and as the apt adage says, ‘nothing will come of anything done at this time, only slowly and with much work’ and that seems to work-out every time.

It is probably best to gamble when the Moon on its daily-rounds is in a good aspect to your 2nd, 5th or 10th house rulers and not when a square or opposition exists, if you want to avoid loss that is. And if the time of day comes when the Moon’s aspect has come and it is now separating it is probably best for you to stop too, or your fortune will ‘wane’ too, that is my experience, so best give-up and do something else. Also avoid times when major aspects are only going to hinder your experience of winning. I would like to suggest a good Moon in sign time to play, but i can’t really, for me when the Moon is in Cancer, Taurus or Pisces works-out quite well, but avoid a Scorpio Moon time as its sure to end badly, as many things do then.

Gambling does seem to follow simple Moon based electional-type rules, but there are, and must be some exceptions to this, but only a few i guess, and perhaps you will find them.

But perhaps the real ‘gamble’ in life is finding the best time to exploit all the good areas in our life and then exploiting that, but not everyone has that kind of thinking or mind to do it, so we use our money and time to concentrate on our wealth instead, its sad, but its what we tend to do as a race, and then we let our ‘wealth’ control the rest of our life.

And if your birth-chart says you best avoid gambling altogether because of certain warnings therein, then its up to you, but i guess we have those ‘placements’ probably because we have a personal history [past build-up] of experience and we probably don’t have much chance or choice of avoiding that unless we choose to ignore our weaknesses in this lifetime, that is… … if you believe in past lives; and if you do not believe in that, then just see it as your date of birth this one and only time around gave you a warning not to mess around with gambling, to your own peril.

Astrology: good time to die

October 7, 2016

As a music and astrology fan when i came across a youtube video about a musician who is supposed to have died nearly fifty years ago, [a bit late to be current news, i know] i had to find his birthchart and see if any thing fitted? luckily he is well-known so it wasn’t difficult, but whether the man we still know as ??? [name later] is really the man we knew pre November 1966 is not really known by me and i don’t really care if he was ‘replaced’ by another man after a fatal car crash in the early morning of November 9th or was it the 10th, it doesn’t matter much as his progressed chart changes little in a day.

I suspect someone else must’ve already looked at this case but it is new to me and perhaps it will be to you too.

Now i called the post a ‘good time to die’, now i don’t mean it is good he died [if indeed he actually did] rather that astrologically it fits with the progressions in his chart, the data is June 18th 1942 at 02:00 am, where, i am not saying yet, as it might give it away too early, no spoilers here.

For him November the 9th saw his progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter in 7 degrees Cancer and at the height of his bands fame he was on top of the world which is right for such a conjunction, Moon in its own sign conjunct an exalted Jupiter, and this night it is said he and his esteemed band-mate where discussing the bands ‘future’, pop, he said, his mate said a more expansive future and his mate won out it seemed. This conjunction was in his natal 4th house [the house of end of life] and these planets were his natal 1st and 4th rulers, and in his progressed chart they ruled his second sign in the fourth and his 8th house, so it seemed the fates indicated he died in some fashion, and perhaps he just felt ‘dead’ he had done so much up until then but if he really died that night it was going to be the biggest story of the sixties and perhaps the end of one of the biggest stories in pop history and breaking the hearts of millions in the process and of course the multi-million investment and future returns, so perhaps he was replaced but a left-handed musician who looked like him, what are the chances, and with the talent to see it through too, but who is Billy Shears? this man’s replacement? and it is true Billy Shepherd was never seen or heard of again from his previous existence, so did he replace Paul Mc Cartney, Paul says he didn’t die, but did Lennon and Harrison die and were attacked because they were about to come clean with the ‘lie’, both were attacked and are people attacked or killed for just being famous, yes, but not very often, people are killed more often if they know something and are about to affect ‘others’ by their actions and it is true that no-one likes to be uncovered if it threatens to bring so much down with it, so Paul’s ‘stars’ say [to me] it is likely that he ‘Mc Cartney’ did die that night, but what do i know? and as i am not here to prove anything and this astrology is flimsy if their is no actual death-notice i guess we have to believe he lived-on and those who might know better have to live with what they know, although Paul growing two inches taller at age 24 is something that has to be against all the growing rules of humanity so perhaps there is something in all this plus all the Beatles clues, no smoke without fire they say. And fooling people to protect ‘interests’ is far from unknown.

Astrology: its all quiet, and we are…

September 9, 2016

… waiting for the change

in two hours Jupiter will change signs, goodbye Virgo and its rather depressing undertones and hopefully we can welcome in a more balanced picture in Libra.

There is no doubt Jupiter in detriment can be a rather dull [monotone] if you like, and that isn’t everyone’s favourite colour, i like it, but perhaps having Jupiter in detriment in Gemini natally means i can relate to it better than most people but it hardly sets the world on fire, does it, and we’ll probably have to wait for Jupiter in Sagittarius for that.

At least now we can breathe in some fresh air and perhaps become more comfortable with life, but Jupiter in Libra isn’t all plain sailing, if you push yourself too far then ‘God’ help you.

The main recipients of this change are usually people with Sagittarius or Pisces rising as these people often have to wait on the Jupiter cycle for their turn-a-rounds but every ‘house’ that has these signs on the cusp will see you finding that ‘area’ changing/changed, and what was a doldrum has now become an area in which you can get out of a slump.

So go and check your chart and if you don’t feel the change naturally then make it happen, you can’t go to God and ask for a rethink on how the wheel turns, and why would you in this instance, why ask to return to previous hellish conditions [or for him to make the way life ‘works’ different], the wheel of life turns in an ordered way, so make the most of the new, that is my advice to you.

P.S. check the house with Cancer on the cusp too, as this is perhaps your best shot for happiness, i have it in the seventh, so perhaps its time to be more social and with Jupiter in Libra how could we not be.

Astrology: Sports stars

August 28, 2016

Here is a little piece:

Last night i was watching professional darts player Michael van Gerwen win another BDC event in Perth, Australia and there is no doubt he loves the challenge of winning and you can almost see him saying ‘if that is what you can do i can do better’, i then thought what could his ‘stars’ be? i guessed his ‘confidence’ may be from Leo or Aries and his style is very quick, so Aries, but Gemini can be super quick too. Then i thought Sagittarius might figure as he is an arrows man after all, but that is almost too easy an shot.

So i googled his name this morning but i couldn’t see his birthchart on the Internet so an accurate chart is unavailable i guess, but it says he was born April 25th 1989 and shares his birthday with Eric Bristow [and some of his natural arrogance too, but in a different way], both know/knew they are/were ‘great’ players, [but is Sun in Taurus really a ‘sign’ you associate with a dart player, well now we know], sign/date co-incidence? maybe, but keeping it steady [especially in scoring strongly] is needed in the game and steady nerves helps too i guess.

Anyway, van Gerwen has no planets in Aries, but his Mars is in Gemini, so his style is ‘fast’ [he almost plays like he wants it over as quickly as possible], and it is possible he has the Moon in Sagittarius, but he could have the Moon in Capricorn [unlikely though] and more surprisingly he could have a Moon/Mars opposition, a hard combination to become a winner in life, but i don’t know his life story and perhaps he has had to work really hard to become the ‘success’ he has become, that would fit many a champion.

But as i said i don’t have his ‘exact’ chart but it is likely this ‘opposition’ [if it exists in Gemini to Sagittarius] is angular, although it doesn’t have to be angular for it to help him, but certain angular planets do point us to success it must be said, but anyway with Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn he has two strong planets and that is enough to bring him ‘fair’ success and money, whilst his other planets bring him his talent to be a ‘top’ dart player i guess.

There is lots more to know and perhaps April the 25th is near a ‘fixed star’ which gives a dart player an exceptional eye, but that is for a future ‘post’ maybe, ok, enough.

Astrology: New posts to come…

July 12, 2016

The cup is feeling more than half empty and my thinking is ‘when its gone it is gone’.

Inspiration to write comes and it goes, and when you find yourself writing almost the same stuff as before maybe it is time to give up or have a radical rethink on how to do your stuff, and even then there are no guarantees you will come up with something worthy of reading, and as any writer knows ‘you are known’ by your output and i don’t want to be known as not worth reading, so once again…

… i find myself writing up posts which go over old ground but rather than be despondent about it and thinking it is not worth doing anymore i looked at my limitations which are ‘you can only write what you know’ and if in writing you can explain a little further your intentions then it is worth a go.

So, i am writing a small series of 12 posts in which I will kind of flesh-out previous articles and try to make as full as a statement on various important parts of Astrology as i can.

I have had a small series of conversations with a ‘youth’ in which i try to convince Gareth that Astrology has a validity and practical use for the common man but he is a hard man to convince and over time he… … well i don’t want to tell you how it ends right now, do i? no, certainly not.

Now i know this isn’t an original idea to talk with someone to get a new angle on things, but it is a good idea for me.

Now as for this blog’s future, it is unformed and perhaps a new wind will blow through my dusty old head but for now it is tumbleweed on a new expressive level and although like many writers the odd thought worthy of a post may occur [and many writers at this ‘point’ often say if that is how it is going to be then why bother and pack-up their things and move-on to more fertile ground], but when Astrology is your passion why try to have fun in the next field where the grass is supposedly more greener.

So, the rant is over and things ‘remain the same’ so all you need to know is its business as usual and one day these ‘conversations’ will appear on here. And this is an updated post so as of 21st August all 12 posts are written but still need some work and soon the first will appear and the plan is to publish one a day for 12 days.

I now realise that for the first time these posts include a wider thinking and more than Astrology but I will explain more in a separate post.

P.S. According to Spammers the bigtime awaits and ‘traffic’ is what all bloggers want, no it isn’t, not their way anyway. Let me make it clear… … i like the fact my blog is hidden from the masses and has low traffic and perhaps is only for people with a real ‘interest’ in Astrology to find, and i don’t want to be a small fish in a big pond and if that is a ‘spanner in the great design’ of the social media world then so be it.

Love and Peace.

Astrology: Mars Rx

June 25, 2016

Now there are lot of things i could say about Mars retrograde but i want to keep it brief.

Living in England the last few weeks have been tortuous to watch the television, will we leave the EU or remain, it really was a case of Tune off, turn off and **** off, they truly did me head in, and why bother with that. And i’m glad i was too young to remember when we went in the 1970’s.

Anyway it was a foregone conclusion in my mind, just like how a Horary chart can be judged one way or the other on one testimony this ‘referendum’ taking place on June 23rd was solely down to Mars Rx.

Mars strong in Scorpio equals self-determination and is strong enough to do it, and retrograde returns to a previous state, so we return to an independent state but with the vote cast only six days before it stations it shows we have something like to the beginning of August 2021 before that really kicks-in, whilst the retrograde action brings financial, political and personal change in the meantime.

People, Mars type people, like rough middle-aged violently patriotic men feel they have their mojo back and perhaps they do, and in Norwich the stories come in about foreigners already being openly abused in the street, oh dear Mars giving open reign.

But here we are told it was the ‘youth’ Mercury who made the difference, probably not, just more media hype to keep the circus on the road.

Anyway the people have voted, i didn’t i couldn’t decide for the best, my heart was saying keep in Europe and my head said no, give your vote to England’s own future, so i made no difference so i can’t complain can i? ha.

In the end politics wins and we suffer, and as a Anarchistic minded individual i think i made my point, a system can’t continue if no one participates in it.

Astrology: Current progressions

June 11, 2016

I was born in June 1965 and nearly 51 years later my progressed astrology chart looks nothing like my natal chart did way back in 1965, and rightly so, and although i know appalling little about ‘progressions’ [well i know the basics] and a little more, i still know enough to get by. But i must let you know, it is the question of whether your ‘progressed’ chart is more like you ‘now’ than your ‘natal’ chart that gets me, personally i don’t think it is, but that ‘thinking’ could change over time.

You see i appreciate that the ‘aspects’ between planets and planets and planets and house cusps in your ‘progressed’ chart can signify ‘events’ but further than that i’m not sure what this chart’s real value is because isn’t it just ‘one’ moment of time [your birth] pushed-on so in my eyes it isn’t a standard chart like those based on a ‘moment’ of time like a natal or a horary chart and without the ‘natal’ chart to refer back to ‘it is’ nothing. I mean it can only be used with reference to the ‘natal’ chart and nothing else in a kind of exclusive relationship ‘if you like’, but like i said this/my thinking may change.

But after saying all this their ‘affects’ do still come through and that is why it is an important chart to refer to, but it is also worth stating some ‘progressions’ seem easier to ‘spot’ in your World, [i mean they manifest in an event] and it may ‘not’ just be the more ‘powerful’ ones, maybe it is that we are more inclined to ‘some’ of them either because of the way we are living ‘at the time’ or just personally due to your own astrological chart but for sure a multiple of connected ‘ones’ coming together can have a ‘force’ so strong, anyway let us move-on.

I’ve called this post ‘current’ progressions because in a year or two from now my progressions can and will be different, so we are talking about May/June 2016 here.

Now for an example of ‘progressions’ at work to set the scene and so you have a starting point.

A lot has changed in the past 50 years and i am a middle-aged man now and i will never to be mistaken for a under eighteen man again [laughs] but some progressions move quite slowly and Mars in my natal chart which was at 29 23 Virgo moved into Libra soon after birth but it has been in Libra its ‘detriment’ ever since and will only reach Scorpio in the next year[s] and it has brought its own problems which for me were ‘attitudes’ mainly.

Nataly Mars rules my 10th, 11th and 3rd house cusps and this throwing Mars into ‘detriment’ has really screwed with my natural ‘tendencies’, now, i suppose these ‘progressed’ positions put a new layer over the original whilst bringing in new experiences and it seems that they can cover-over what was ‘originally’ there [like a new paint job, or should i say a new clear varnish job] where you can still see the original.

And with it being like this, we find a Mars which was/is in its own ‘terms’ and i had some ‘friends’ 11th [and ‘terms’ often give friendship, or the possibility of, the strength having them] and the 10th some desire to ‘work’ and the 3rd some desire to talk all ‘fall away’, but the good thing with ‘natal’ indicators is they cannot change, only bend. Now Mars is at 28 Libra where it has meant friends/work and communicating have meant little or nothing to me in the last fifty years and because so much has changed i am kind of looking forward to a possible re-birth coming soon when Mars goes back into full Mars dignities in Scorpio, well perhaps it will come, i really don’t know, because it is a simple to and fro isn’t it, because if Mars in Libra took them away then Mars in Scorpio can bring them back, but we will see, and because you can’t undo fifty years of ‘attitude’ overnight and more importantly [and what i think is], perhaps i did want less work and have less friends and do less talking during this time, and i think for the most part the answer is yes, so perhaps Mars in Libra did exactly what is should of done [for me anyway].

Now for the rest of the story, and we need to get a bit more detailed here leaving the previous bit behind. Although Mars is still significant and it is here that we include aspects between planets and cusps and bring things up to 2016.

I have been getting a lot of headaches recently and very ‘hot’ ones too, now my natal chart has a distinct lack of fire in it and with no planets in fire signs and you can’t really count the Sagittarius Ascendant [all on its own] and with the preponderance of water signs occupied the fact is that i get few if ‘any’ headaches and that seems to be quite ‘normal’ for me but lately it is like i have an excess of ‘fire’, [for me] anyway, it isn’t ‘much’ of a thing but they hurt like buggery, and it seems not much is needed to change the balance, just a bit of fire.

These headaches are annoying and like i said ‘out of character’, my progressed Sun has been in Leo for years now and so has Mercury in Leo, now retrograde, so the only new ‘factor’ is Moon in Aries, although at 25 18 it has been in Aries for some time, so why am i suffering/ill now? well that is quite easy to see, my progressed 6th cusp is at 26 14 Cancer [June 8th exactly ‘partile’ 0 00’ on my natal Venus] and the Moon has been slowly reaching the square aspect of this cusp [and wasn’t fully there when they began] and so it is with ‘applying’ aspects, so with some days to go until the aspect perfects i expect these headaches to continue to exactitude then hopefully fade.

The astrology is easy Aries = headaches and the Moon ‘frequently’ and they are now making me ill = 6th cusp, but there is more, this Moon also is opposing my progressed Mars in detriment so until this ‘aspect’ is over, ‘soon’ i am prone, at least i have one saving-grace this Mars has passed the exact square to natal Venus, and why i am thankful is, this Moon applying to progressed Mars whilst Mars is in square to my natal lord 4 could have been very difficult, sure it is still ‘close’ but an applying progression is ‘still’ to happen, or is ‘happening’ whereas a ‘separating’ aspect sees much of the power to ‘afflict’ [in this instance] gone.

So that is the story i guess, but why look further than the natal chart and its progressed chart for any more information on a ‘subject’, but like any good Astrologer i have another important chart to look at too, that of when i moved into my home in Cromer, and i believe this chart can sometimes tell me just as much well [nearly] as my natal chart in certain issues, so what are its progressions ‘today’? and what ‘might’ i see? first this chart has fiery Mars in Leo near the 12th cusp, where you can just be stuck with things, it has now moved from 17 Leo to 20 42 Leo in the 6 years that i have lived here by progression and is close to opposing the/its progressed 6th cusp at 20 55 Aquarius, so although Aries isn’t involved a fiery sign afflicts the progressed 6th cusp so we see parallels in this chart and the Moon is now in Leo, progressed from Taurus, so as with all Astrology we see a ‘double’ confirmation of what is manifesting as ‘one’ thing.

Another thing i have done is fight fire with fire, now with no fire positions in my natal chart i have never been that ‘busy’ in the world/and as a person although i’ve had my moments, i am a phlegmatic sort of person mainly but as i’m finding-out ‘progressions’ can change things [to an extent/for a time] so with ‘fire’ ones i need to ‘get’ active, burn-off the ‘massive’ heat/energy, so instead of my ‘usual’ rather lazy ‘day’ i have got ‘super’ active [for me anyway] and started painting my living room [Aries] and cleaning my whole home, making it anew, again [Aries], the astrology is saying work ‘something’ out/off and it has helped.

Now this might seem like ‘nothing’ but it is all relevant to me, i don’t do ‘much’ in life, i have no ‘daily’ active pattern which most people in the normal world would recognise, so for me it is a big turnaround and that ‘change’ is just as important to me as anything is to anybody else, you know.

I suppose the moral of this story is: time will ‘pass’ and things will move on, and some things which annoy and afflict will one day turn out to be a laugh ‘again’, but we must always remember the older you get ‘some’ things ‘stick’ around longer and ‘niggles’ grow longer, and we are always working towards the ultimate progression[s] which the ‘traditional’ astrologers talked of, and by that i mean the final ‘killing’ one[s], and i know my current progression[s] has only brought me ‘headaches’ and i can seem like a ‘drama queen’, but this post is more of a therapeutic lesson for me and a teaching-aid for the/you ‘readers’ so excuse the subject matter although ‘painful’ to me and concentrate on the learning given within.

Until next time, soonish, bye.

Astrology: like a donkey derby, only…

May 27, 2016

… backwards.

So, Mars arrives back in Scorpio only this time from 29 59, because it is retrograde, and i have to tell you i don’t like retrograde planets, well i don’t like them when they are in bad places of your natal chart, and in the past few weeks Mars has been in Sagittarius doing his thing, but it has been the stuff of nightmares for me, constant burning headaches and extended flu symptoms, it retrograded past my 12th house cusp and it is only ‘now’ the further it got away from the cusp that my ills have slowly faded-away, and it is now far enough away to be said to be in my 11th house, and hopefully when it goes ‘direct’ in Sagittarius i hope my ills won’t return, but if they do then it is doubtful it will be with the force of the malefic retrograde ‘affects’.

Retro gradation is said to be a major ‘debility’ and i used to think well the main planets are retrograde every few months, so what is the big deal, but i was missing their essence, kind of looking at the forest and not the trees and the more intricate patterns involved. Mars and Venus retrograde can be harder than the shorter Mercury one, especially as they come around less often.

But we can usually deal with Saturn and Jupiter’s retrogrades easily enough as it is often either just a ‘down’ period’ [Saturn] or one of minor irritation for [Jupiter], but we mustn’t forget each one of us has the individual factor [to factor in] about where the retrograde planet rules and the house it is in and house[s] it rules over to factor in too.

Then there is the ‘fact’ people are born with either no planets retrograde or many, [i think i am right in saying that in the 20th century there was rarely a time when all the planets were direct].

Personally i don’t have Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or even Saturn retrograde in my natal chart, so i wonder if i might feel retrogradation more than some other people do, or that could just be a ‘fantasy’ [i don’t know], what i do know is my life tends to run quite smoothly, on its natural forward course most of the time so when retrogradation happens in some harder part of my chart i tend to know about it.

Anyhow, the saving-grace of this Mars retrograde period is it started in low degrees of a sign [a sign where it is not in any essential dignities of note] and it goes back into Scorpio where it is full on, [although not in full Mars dignities] as it would be at 0 degrees of Scorpio, anyhow, i bet many people are glad it has come back into Scorpio, a ‘break’ for so many, a time to aspire again, or plan at the very least, and in late May 2016 we need ‘hope’ as Jupiter is in detriment and Saturn has two months of retrogradation to still go through.

Only my friend who has an early Sagittarian Ascendant seems to unaffected by it, and good for him, and i guess if you have Mars in Sagittarius then it is hand-able too, to an extent anyway, and i suppose if you naturally like to behave badly, then the past few weeks was ‘just for you’, always remembering that with Astrology we all are affected differently, by the same factor.

Anyway i named the post [like a donkey derby, only backwards], why? because a retrograde period is like a ‘course’ of a certain length and the planet is descriptive of what the objects involved ‘do’ and here it is ‘race’ a Martian ‘thing’, how will it be done? slower than usual, do to retrogradation, but Mars is still essentially strong, but ‘weakened’ so instead of a thorough bred horse that we would normally ‘use’, we at the moment [are like] donkeys ‘those’ sturdy creatures who plod along and like a Scorpio who only really get into gear when agitated, [but you say] Mars in Scorpio a ‘donkey’, [you are having a laugh], but pull its tail and watch it run with a mania, [after its sting] well its ‘kick’ of its hind-legs anyway.

Can a donkey actually walk backwards, i don’t know, but retrogradation is also known as apparent retrogradation, [although it does move back through the degrees], what is not so apparent to many people though is the ‘times’ which we are living through, sure some people notice something is ‘off’ and life isn’t moving-on as it normally does, but i become less surprised yearly by how ‘little’ some people actually ‘see’ and even ‘more’ how unaware they are of the different/changing ‘astrological’ conditions they live under, with some people preferring even to deny any ‘possible’ differences [in their day-to-day reality’s] ‘given to them by the planets’, and why? all so their world-view of isn’t ‘every-day’ the ‘same’ isn’t threatened.

Astrology 101: D I Y Astrology

May 6, 2016

Ok here we go again. When the media outlets aren’t giving you what you want, although in today’s 21st century astrological world they invariably are, you must be prepared to ‘do it yourself’.

And with all the books you’ve read on Astrology why can’t you, it is the next logical step, isn’t it. Many of the top astrological writers are graduates of local classes and many still go there, and why wouldn’t they, it is the place to keep yourself current. I am so out of any loop i could almost start again from the basement up, anyway like i said today its going to be astrology 101 and DIY so imagine i’ve just read my first astrology book and i am reading something on aphorisms, so i get my ephemeris out and see that today Venus is the only planet that is ‘direct’ and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde, [forget the outer planets for now] and then i read that retrograde planets are in a very ‘baleful’ condition, and then i look outside and notice nature ‘trees’ are somewhat behind the growth that they should be for early May, it then starts making some sense to me, and it also seems colder for the time of year, it is like life is holding itself back so i have kind of sussed out why, right! no, i have just learnt some 101, and that is simply by ‘looking at some earthly events’, not the man-made ones.

So what now, prediction, steady on Robert, isn’t prediction a hallow art only for the masters and some arcane science best left to those who know what they are doing, no, its the answer to the way it was and the way it is going to be, at its most basic level, so with one variation coming-up that of Jupiter soon to go direct in its motion and with a little bit of reading i can almost completely say and with 100% confidence that things are going to get better, but that says nothing more than it was in a bad state and now isn’t going to be, very vague, isn’t it, not going to win me a Nobel prize for Astrology, and rightly so.

So how, where and why, well why has been dealt with retrograde to direct, simply a return to normal duties, i don’t need to be a ‘sage’ to know that, do i. where? in Jupiterian things obviously and how, in Virgo, so Virgoen things.

Now if i said that in front of an audience i may get a reply like: is it really that simple?, well probably not i answer. So i quickly change the subject, because i don’t want to show up my ignorance and i don’t want someone smarter to upstage me with stuff i don’t know about, or do i yield to their greater knowledge, i know what is best for me don’t i?

Anyway i revert back to the safety of 101 and say what i am sure i know that Venus is direct so it is all good there in Taurus, and thank God it is there because with the four other planets retrograde a weak Venus would drag us into the hell, and not help us rise above it, but even that is over dramatising of the ‘case’ somewhat, it is like saying ‘only’ Venus is helpful to us at the moment and only through Art and Music, and it is today’s saviour, [today meant literally here], but even when i say ‘that’ it is still said with a touch of truth in there somewhere.

When you go 101, and say what you can do is as DIY as its possible to be, you start to say that Jupiter is a benefic and so is Venus so with both direct soon and with the malefics still retrograde that they should outweigh the bad but the bad is still worse than it would be if Mars and Saturn weren’t retrograde, it doesn’t seem much to say but with this simple 101 you have took Astrology into your own arms and spewed out some simple truth, all because of one altered ‘condition’.

And as any person astrologically-minded must be able to see, direct motion is better than retrograde motion although retrogration does offer a deviation on a purpose and serves its own purpose, and who is to say that if i wrote this post when the planets were direct it would be better than it is now, it would of been ‘different’ thats all.

Note: the Sun and Moon never retrograde, although the Moon and Sun do slow-down and speed-up.

I was going to say that direct was the ‘normal’ state for a planet, but with retrograde motion built in to their orbits you can’t say that, can you?

And so there you have it, an example of being your own Astrologer and keeping it as 101 as it is possible to be, you didn’t need to work anything out really, it was simply a case of one state of being or the other.

The moral of this story? well i suppose the whole story is it, and to never be phased by thinking Astrology is too complicated for me, because sometimes it is only either/or and that has to be the simplest thing ever, right! and of course you can always build upon anything.

Astrology: battery power

April 6, 2016

Hi Readers

Here today is a short work on astrological battery power – and i am going to use my natal chart as usual for the blueprint, but as usual use it on your own and others charts.

Who has the power? essentially it is found in the planets essential dignity, and secondly the accidental dignity, but you can lose out with essential debility and accidental debility.

I know its hard to believe that something so simple could push your life up and down, but some people need to be alphas and others betas, and some had the choice and some didn’t by birth family and lesser advantages, but of course many people rise above their birth station and some fall, i mean fate can take take us up and down, when our parents die say and they were the dignified ones in our chart, my parents aren’t dead but as my two most ‘dignified’ planets Venus and Mars rule my 4th and 10th houses it might mean on their death i will lose something from life which has always kept me up and on the best track, but of course i only really will lose one version of my ‘dignity’ and of course i could find it elsewhere in life, and of course at 50 years old i have some other outlets for Mars and Venus already in place, simply because i have the power to do so. This writing/publishing is Mars on my 9th cusp, and Venus is me as a member of a music band, in the 7th, part of a social group.

But it isn’t that way with the rest of my planets, some almost impotent in power to act out into the world and its almost like existing on one ‘staid’ level with almost no hope of improvement, or that’s how it can seem, but every one of us works out our planets ‘even’ if its only weakly. I smoke too many cigarettes and its a daily routine that can be too much, why? because my Moon conjunct Jupiter in Gemini [air intake] in my 6th house which means its a almost uncontrollable ‘dirty air’ addiction, and because Jupiter is in detriment i am almost ‘helpless’ [no power] to check it, and work on it. The Moon gives some ‘power’ as a luminary to keep it going, but always ‘power’ towards the negative, so i could say i am ‘fucked’ by too much negative power. I of course could change it, or could i? no power to change it, no willpower, it is a kind of destiny. I will do what i can, i know its ‘weak’, or i am weak, but i have to live my life out, that is all. P.S. it is harder because Jupiter is my Lord of my Ascendant.

So that is four planets down, does my Saturn, Sun, Mercury have any dignity and power to move my life forward and do things, yes to an extent, all three are not ‘cadent’ so not in the worse positions for ‘personal’ power; Saturn is succedant in my 2nd house so i have some ‘stability’ to earn money and you might think i would do so as Saturn is Lord of my second house, but Saturn is on a crutch on many images and i live off disability benefits, and my Mars is opposite my Saturn ‘almost’ wide degrees, and Mars is my 10th house ruler so i am not working and am against work in my life, ‘it doesn’t pay for me to do it’ [it has to be said, hard to listen to perhaps?] anyway its midpoint sits exactly on my Ascendant so naturally i have adopted this stance, it doesn’t mean it can’t change though, but by default and life choices i have taken it on, plus as Saturn is exactly square my Jupiter/Moon in Gemini in the 6th ‘with these planets having’ no battery life my mental state is impaired and is another road i travel, but hopefully you can see i am not totally impaired mentally. Why? because of my Mercury which although having little power in Cancer is conjunct my most dignified planet Venus in an angular house, and with its mutual reception to my Moon by sign increases its power, [well i believe it does anyway]. But mental disabilities i do have and that’s because the 6th house is too ‘weak’ to pull my ‘mind’ out of depression and schizophrenia. Isn’t the mutual reception between Moon in the 6th and Mercury in the 7th [angular] going to help it out? seemingly not, no matter how high i fly ‘mentally’ this reception drags me down too.

The Sun, well in Cancer it doesn’t have any dignity like the Sun in Leo or Aries, and i only seem to shine when with other people, its in the 7th house, i feel almost like an enabler to make others shine, and live off some reflected glory and their happiness, rising and falling as they do.

So i hope you see from my own example that battery power and therefore life comes in many different forms. A full life and one of possibility and potential comes to those who like Queen Elizabeth’s deceased sister Margaret who had many planets dignified, and Oliver Cromwell who too had many dignified planets and was the only man to briefly reign over England [over years of monarchy], whilst the rest of us with varying degrees sit somewhere in-between. A tramp [a genuine one] is unlikely to have dignified planets or ones in angular houses, more likely cadent ones. And it may only take one dignified planet to make you ‘someone’ if it is say Venus in Taurus in the right place, for you to fulfil your potential [maybe as an artist or musician] if nothing else is draining or limiting your overall battery life.

Simply put those people born with dignified planets in dignified places don’t give up and have energy to burn and the opposite applies. So think about your own ‘life’.

My sister has Mars in Aries and she is a doer and keeps doing and seemingly always will, and good luck to her, but i find it hard just to go to the supermarket and often i come home drained, not wanting to experience that for a while, and why, because i simply have never had much battery power, except in my youth, when i would dash around madly, but usually to no great end.

So if Astrology offers us anything, [in this post] it offers us a glimpse into states of being and the battery to either fulfil things in life or not.

But i must stop now, as i am mentally tired.

Saturn in my twelfth house

February 12, 2016

Hello everyone who reads this post.

We know the 12th house is one of isolation and withdrawing from the world and if you already have natal indicators that this is part of you, you will go hide at certain times in your life cycle, and old lonely Saturn in your 12th can do that to certain people, for some it is a choice and for others there seems no choice. I have decided to take a month off ‘things’ so here i am at home quietly looking at things on the internet and catching up on things which i still enjoy, but are all ‘old hat’, meaning i am at the end of the wheel, the first house is some way off and i am in no hurry to get there and go anew and make something for myself.

I have a withdrawal side to me, my Moon is conjunct my 12th house ruler in my 6th house, so you’d think ok he withdraws from life but not permanently, or even he has a job or lifestyle that sees him ‘hidden’, i don’t work in a prison or am even incarcerated in one, although when you are treading water it can seem like it. I can’t escape and i don’t think i want to anyway, i am enjoying being isolated and alone, because right now it feels right. But this isn’t the full me, no, i just feel compelled to it now, it is like i have run a marathon nearly and am walking the last metres in silence and aloneness because as i said i need this period to complete myself, its not un-busy and although i have energy to play games for hours and surf the internet too, i doing it to the exclusion of all else, with hardly the time to brush my teeth so i can get started on total immersion into a world of music or porn or something which sees me totally gone away from the everyday world.

But this isn’t the usual me, especially with my seventh house Sun, Mercury and Venus, i usually need contact, something i am spurning lately, and speech with other people, which i am also spurning, basically i have cut myself off from the world that i know, not that i had much of a world to cut off lately, as when Saturn hit the cusp i was pushing away people and places like nobody’s business. And as of now with Saturn transiting my 12th house, well plunked right in the middle of it i told people i needed a month off, and it is the right decision, sometimes you just know the right thing to do.

I have achieved high scores in games, that is good but ultimately pointless, i have stopped playing in a band just when we were going good, all to have some me time, Saturn rules my first and second houses, so me time and having food in the house and my bills paid are all i care about right now, i knew Saturn here would see me alone, i was when it first hit my 12th house 29 years ago and i suppose i have just had enough, enough of me being what others want me to be and not what i want, so i called a stop and to be honest with Saturn retrograding in my 12th later this year i probably won’t change my attitude any time soon.

All i will say is i am glad for this time off and will make the most of it but i also know like last time i will eventually be glad when it is over.

Astrology: Who first decided…

January 7, 2013

… that Mars should be the God of War, or Mercury should be the messenger of the Gods.

This is a ‘quote’ taken from John Anthony West’s ‘Case for Astrology’ and is a very good point.

Question: is spending ‘time’ looking-back to the very ‘origins’ of Astrology a good thing to do? i think it is.

When you read his book and hear him ask, ‘and upon whose authority was that accepted’? and how were all the planets ‘functions’ agreed amongst the Astrologer’s of the day? You know you are reading some brilliant stuff.

And he then poses the questions; are the ‘meanings’ attributed to the planets purely arbitrary? and why do ‘these’ meanings go unchallenged?

I will attempt to answer some of it by now suggesting one-way they might have got their ‘order and meaning’ is [by ‘everyday’ objects very ‘closeness’ to us], meaning…

… and using the King/Sun and Queen/Moon ‘model’ we can get somewhere close to ‘why’ the meaning of these things/objects [by the planets] came about.

Hence Mercury had to be writing, partly because you had to use your brain, and also because it was an action which couldn’t be given to the Sun or Moon, [and as in the olden days it wasn’t the King or Queens duties, but the ‘scribes’ who wrote down their words, and these people were kept quite close to them, in the ‘court’ in fact], as were their ‘entertainers’ the ‘minstrels’, and even the ‘mistresses’ as shown by Venus. And we also know soldiers and religious people and Government officials were there too, taking care of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

But Mars as a planet, which is past the earth and not an ‘inner’ planet would hold a outer courtly position, [the soliders of to war] and being further-out was fine as they were able to cope on their own, as were people like priests and officials, as shown by Jupiter and Saturn.

It was simply ‘naming’ according to ‘use’ and ‘type’ which had to be followed at the beginning of our Art.

Look at the Sun and you ‘can’ or [should be able to see] why its ‘rulerships’ are ‘what’ they are. Gold, the highest standard which has a shine like the Sun. Kings, ultimate rulers, [as Strong as on a ‘hot’ Sunny day].

But its the Sun’s size, and the fact it is ‘alive’ in ‘energy’ that makes it ‘feel’ closer, and feels more ‘active’ than Venus, Mercury or the Moon. We worship the Sun and some people still like royalty, living off them, in some weird way.

Although they are further away in ‘distance’ [from us] than the Moon, Mercury and Venus have that close relationship to the Sun, and rule-over many things that we keep close-to-hand. Things of use ‘Mercury’ and of vanity ‘Venus’. Whereas the Moon brings things to us on Earth, so we don’t have direct heat/life from the Sun [for our protection perhaps] thinking cosmicly that is.

So thinking further, what should be ruled-over by the planets? well, in the first place… …at the beginning of life its ‘places’ and ‘items’ would’ve become self-evident to many earth-dwellers of the past. From those bright and sunny places, to those more old and ragged ones, symbolised by the planet furthest away from us, Saturn.

But as for types of people and what they ‘do’?, [if you were starting Astrology of from scratch] you would have to think a lot harder and let ‘life’ and its ‘connections’ develop for a while to get your answer[s]. As ever ‘real-life’ on earth informs where stuff gets ‘placed’ in the planetary realms. Its just a simple matching process.

But we get to the ‘time’ when it was becoming obvious that those humans, [and what they did], and those that embodied the ‘Sun’ and its ‘ways’ of ‘standing-alone’ as an authority, and those that radiated like the Sun in countenance, and those who lived like the Sun started to inform early Astrology, as with all the 7 planets.

So now with the Sun we can easily see what ‘positions’ were held in life, and these were easily ‘counted’, and its no great-leap to see why early horoscopes were of ‘Solar’ type people, kings and self-made men. Simply they were the most important ones who lived-out the strongest positions of our mundane world.

So now they had a starting-point, ‘someone or something’ that ‘all else’ could be ‘built-on’. And we still have this ‘system’ in place somewhat today, King, Queen defence and privilege

So the ‘why’, as to why Mercury was given to messengers, and War to Mars gets somewhat ‘clearer’. Life fanning-out in ‘circles’, and later we realised all ‘life’ revolves around the Sun’ not the Earth.

Everything ‘circles’ the Sun, getting further-out, so there are ‘things’ we keep close to us, and those which are more out-of-our-hands, or are in your [direct control] if you have the power. [and we all live and embody the Sun etc] its just to what degree we get a chance on the World’s stage. And because a ‘solar-power’ directs a warring Army, and it keeps its Ministers and Priests informed, and its gate-keepers in the Police working, we have the kind of full intergrated system we have. But each person just by himself can have his own system, be his own policeman etc.

Now, my final thoughts, it does make me wonder ‘why’ we have the planets Mercury and Venus between ‘us’ and the Sun, and i suppose its because they belong to it, more than the Earth, whereas the Moon is most definitely ours, and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn belong and have meaning to the people and places ‘where we go’ beyond ourselves. Into that social realm to coin a already used phrase.

Still, the whole ‘point’ of this post is to talk of ‘assigned’ planetary duties.

Handmaiden’s of the Sun and Moon, Mercury and Venus may be. The King may have his armies, his conquests and his overthrow’s, as are shown by Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

But for most ‘mortals’ [average men] our personal ‘power’ of the Sun, is surrounded, [or fanned-out] towards Saturn in a rather less ‘dramatic’ way, where we have ‘power’ up-to-the-point when it is taken-over by a larger power, or we get lost within the machinery of the wider world, which has to happen, as to gain power in this world you must take part and put in and take out.

So, it is that the ‘planets’ by their ‘very’ distance from the Sun, and their ‘place’ in the ‘order’ of things, that made Astrology what it is, in a way a already ‘decided’ [divided] system for helping people to be themselves and recognise the ‘life’ around themselves.

But let’s not forget its also in the greater plan of our ‘lives’, with our Sun, heart-beat beginning at birth [also inside the Mother of course] until too-much of Saturn’s dull physical ache destroys us at death. Or by Mars if you meet with a nasty accident.

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